How to Open Moniepoint Account for Personal and Business Use

Are you ready to move to easy and convenient way to manage your money in Nigeria? In this guide, we’ll show you the simple steps to open both a personal and business account with Moniepoint, a mobile money platform that makes financial transactions easy and secure.

Whether you want to send money, pay bills, or grow your business, Moniepoint has got you covered. Let’s get started on how to create Moniepoint account for both personal and business use.

In Nigeria, managing your finances has become more accessible with services like Moniepoint, a mobile money platform that offers a range of financial transactions.

How to Open Moniepoint Personal Account

A personal Moniepoint allows you to manage your finances with ease. Here are the steps to guide you through setting up your own Moniepoint account:

1. Go to the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). Search for the Moniepoint app and download it to your device.

2. Open the Moniepoint app and tap on the “Sign Up” option.

3. Provide your email address and phone number in the designated fields. After, tap “Next” to proceed.

4. Moniepoint will send a 6-digit OTP code to your phone. Enter this code to verify your number.

5. Input your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and date of birth when prompted. After, tap “Next” to continue.

6. Choose a unique username and a strong password for your Moniepoint account.

7. Set a 4-digit transaction PIN for secure transactions. Enter the PIN in both provided boxes and tap “Create PIN.”

8. Choose whether to enable biometrics for added security. If selected, add your fingerprint to the app.

9. Provide your residential address and attestation. Complete a face verification process to confirm your identity as the BVN owner.

10. Tap “Continue upgrade” to verify your face. Follow any additional prompts to complete the verification process.

Once your account details are verified, congratulations! You can now start using your personal Moniepoint account for various financial transactions like sending money, buying airtime, paying bills, and more.

How to Open Moniepoint Business Account

To create business account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the dedicated Moniepoint business account opening page.

2. Enter your email and phone number for verification.

3. Receive and input the OTP for phone verification.

4. Provide your BVN and birth date details.

5. Select a unique username for your business account.

6. Secure your account with a password.

7. Complete the BVN and KYC information for verification.

8. Decide on a 4-digit transaction PIN for business transactions.

9. Complete the remaining verification steps.

10. Your Moniepoint business account is now activated and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Moniepoint

Q: What is Moniepoint?

A: Moniepoint is a mobile money platform in Nigeria, offering convenient financial services such as fund transfers, bill payments, and more.

Q: How can I create a personal Moniepoint account?

A: Download the Moniepoint app from the Google Play Store or App Store, sign up with your email and phone number, and follow the steps for verification and account setup.

Q: Is there a charge for opening a Moniepoint account?

A: No, opening a Moniepoint account is free of charge.

Q: What information is required for account verification?

A: You’ll need to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN), date of birth, create a username, and set a transaction PIN. Biometrics and additional verifications may be optional.

Q: Can I use Moniepoint on both Android and iOS devices?

A: Yes, the Moniepoint app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Q: What transactions can I perform with my Moniepoint account?

A: You can send money, purchase airtime and data, pay bills, and more using your Moniepoint account.

Q: Is biometric verification necessary for using Moniepoint?

A: Biometric verification is optional, and you can choose whether to enable it for additional security.

Q: How long does it take to get a Moniepoint account verified?

A: The verification process is usually quick, and once completed, you can start using your Moniepoint account immediately.

Q: Are there hidden fees with Moniepoint?

A: Moniepoint promotes transparency, and there are no hidden fees. You can enjoy real-time transaction alerts and full account autonomy.

Q: Can I use Moniepoint for business transactions?

A: While Moniepoint offers personal accounts, it’s recommended for entrepreneurs to use Moniepoint’s business account options for commercial activities.

Please, feel free to contact Moniepoint’s customer service for any additional inquiries or assistance.


With Moniepoint, you can seamlessly manage your finances, send money, purchase airtime, pay bills, and more, all from the convenience of your device. Following the step-by-step guides above allows you to download the app, set up your personal and business accounts.

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